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Completed Potterverse Fanfiction

HPNoWIPs - Completed Potterverse Fanfiction
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Anybody , Moderated
Have you become addicted to fanfiction set in the Potterverse? Are you frustrated with falling in love with a story, only to have it carelessly abandoned by the author? Is the off-topic banter on your other mailing lists and communities getting on your nerves?

Well, you've come to the right place! This is the sister LiveJournal for the HPNoWIPs Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HPNoWIPs. This community is for folks to post links to their completed Potterverse fanfiction stories of all genres, pairings, and ratings.

Simple, yes?

Here are the rules:
1) What is On Topic?

Each top-level "post" must be a completed Potterverse fanfiction story announcement. Unlike the sister Yahoo group, comments about the stories posted are welcomed and encouraged; do this by adding a comment to that story's thread. However, do not start a post-thread for any reason other than to post a completed story announcement.

2) What should be in the story announcement?

The Subject header should be in the following format:
Title by Author - Rating - optional pairing/genre

for example:
My New Story by ShagsTheDustmop - PG - SS/RL

The body of the message should use the following template or something similar enough that the major information is conveyed. The more information, the better, because this will help folks decide whether your story appeals to them.

Title: My New Totally Made Up Story
Author: ShagsTheDustmop
Summary: Severus Snape has an interesting day at the circus - guess who he'll meet there? Will he get out alive?

Category: het (or gen, or slash, or femmeslash, or polylove, or ???)
Ships: SS/RL (or none if it is a gen fic)
Genre: Humor, Romance (list as many as apply)

Length: (One-shot, drabble, novel-length, short story. You can also list # of chapters or words) (optional but preferred)

Rating: PG for language (any stories with graphic sexual content or violence should be NC-17. G=all ages, PG=older children PG-13=teenagers R=adult themes without graphic violence or sex)

Warnings: (stuff like AU, character death, children, drug use, bestiality etc. would go here - anything that might shock a reader and cause them to decide to read (or not read) your story)

Link/URL: http://www.shagsthedustmop.com/ShagsErotica/JAG/jag.htm (you may put more than one link, but must have at least one! Link directly to the story, not to the archive or LJ main page! Posts without proper linkage will be deleted.)

A brief clip: "Snape knew the outing was a mistake the moment he saw Lupin heading towards him carrying several bars of chocolate." (optional)

Other: Anything else about the story you want to share (optional)

3) Are any types of stories NOT allowed?

Yes. No stories containing chan or incest please. There are plenty of places to find these types of stories and it is my own personal preference as listmum not to permit them.

4) Who IS the listmum?

5) What else do I need to know?
a) No flames. Concrit is allowed, flames will be deleted.
b) Comments made in a story's thread should be about that story. Please avoid hijacking threads.
c) Please post a thread for each story only once.
d) If you are going to post recommendations to stories that you did not personally write, you must
indicate who the actual author is and link to a site that the author posted to. Do not scrape
other people's stories onto your own site, and do not claim another author's work to be your

6) There is no rule 6

7) Can I post the same story announcement here and on the Yahoo list?
Yes! In fact we encourage you to do so. There are a lot of people who use LJ and not Yahoo and vice versa, so you will hit a larger audience this way. Conversely, if you belong to the Yahoo group and prefer to get your announcements that way, you can use this list as an easy way of wading through previous posts and to comment on the stories. Comments/critiques/etc. are OFF-TOPIC on the mailing list but ON-TOPIC here.

If you have any questions, please email the listmum.