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More Emotional Teaspoonry by Phoenix Neal - G

Title: More Emotional Teaspoonry
Author: Phoenix Neal
Rating: G
Pairing: the Trio. But not really as a pairing.
Summary: Hermione Granger explains Severus Snape.
Word Count: 500 words precisely
Disclaimer: The usual... JKR owns everything, including bits of my immortal soul
Warning: Deathly Hallows spoilers!
Notes: This is just a silly idea that came to me after finishing Deathly Hallows. Since I didn't feel like doing up a proper scene, I decided to make it precisely 500 words instead, so it would haver some sort of, erm... merit? Anyway, this is also my first "published" HP fanfic, so don't expect too much. ;) Comments and concrit are love.

( Accio fanfic! )

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