Deeble (deeble) wrote in hpnowips,

Title: The Code of the Potters
Author: mashplum
Summary: A tongue-in-cheek rendering of Harry’s adult life, in the style of another famous writer from the UK.
Category: Gen
Genre: Humor
Length: One-shot, 6,800 words
Rating: S (PG)
Warnings: HBP spoilers
A brief clip: "I was known in my days at Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry as 'The Boy Who Lived.' That is not to say that the other boys at school had not lived. They lived all right, and most lived a damn sight better than I did. I could have more accurately been called 'The Boy Who Lived in a Closet Under the Stairs of His Rotten Aunt and Uncle’s.' But I was given my curious appellation, if that is the word I want, after my parents were killed by a dark wizard and I, at the tender age of fifteen months, escaped with only a decorative scar and the socially disastrous knack for speaking snake."

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